Brothers in Arms

Working Party - 15 February 2018

The team: Roy Pritchard, Alan and David Saunders, Ken Sefton, Dennis Skelcher, Geoff Smith, Derek Williams, Paul Wood

Meeting outside Little Comberton Church, the volunteers for the day were divided into two groups – one to install a kissing gate and repair stone steps on a path close to the church, and the other to install a kissing gate at Oxstalls in the parish of Elmley Castle. As several regulars were unable to make the day, the Little Comberton group consisted of non-member stalwarts Dennis and Derek, plus Alan and his older brother David, who has lived in the village all his life.

Both kissing gates were being installed in sheep fields where young lambs would soon be gambolling. With this in mind, the kissing gates had to be sunk much deeper into the ground than usual, to prevent the lambs from escaping underneath. The ground proved perfect for digging. However, the loose soil was difficult to remove from the deep holes as none of us had long enough arms!

Several groups of walkers came by as we were working – all making favourable comments about our efforts. As the final fence post was being installed at Little Comberton, the Elmley Castle group re-appeared, minus Paul who had elected to make the most of the remaining afternoon to enjoy a solitary walk on Bredon Hill.