ERC@70 – July

Evesham Rambling Club has had its fair share of success with its imaginative ‘walking’ floats in the 70s and 80s. Check out the carnival entries from previous decades – wagon train, ‘Illinois Hayride’, Robin Hood and friends.… Read More

ERC@70 – June

What a difference a month makes. During May’s ramble, ERC members endured persistent rain throughout the day, but flaming June restored morale, resulting in bare chests and ‘beach’ attire.… Read More

ERC@70 – May

Donning all manner of wet weather gear, nineteen members of the newly formed Rambling Club set off to walk the 22 miles back to Evesham. Only nine made it, but everyone agreed that it had been an enjoyable day, in spite of the rain.… Read More

ERC@70 – April

Evesham Rambling Club celebrates its 70th Anniversary, and it all started with two young men and a love of the countryside.… Read More

ERC@70 – March

For the last of ERC@70, Pauline randomly dips into the archives for miscellaneous snippets from early screeds.… Read More

ERC@70 – February

Over the years in Evesham Rambling Club, particular items of apparel have become legendary or synonymous with certain people.… Read More

ERC@70 – January

Over the decades, undeterred by plummeting temperatures and deep snow, members of Evesham Rambling Club have continued to venture out on winter walks.… Read More

ERC@70 – December

Many things have changed over the decades since the formation of Evesham Rambling Club, but one thing has remained a constant – MUD!… Read More

ERC@70 – November

Evesham Rambling Club’s first Annual Dinner held at the Montfort Cafe was the beginning of a long tradition of evenings of companionship and entertainment.… Read More

ERC@70 – October

Six months on from the first ramble, ERC members rise (at 3.30am!) to the challenge of a Moonlight & Sunrise Ramble.… Read More

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