Chairman’s Corner September 2022

Carl’s Corner is full of important information and updates and mustn’t be missed. His reflections on the club archive draw to a close with a look at how the club used to walk at night. … Read More

Chairman’s Corner August 2022

Carl looks back at the club’s activities in July, makes plans for some “extras” in August and October and delves once again into the club archives.… Read More

Chairman’s Corner July 2022

Our current chairman has been extremely busy over the last month but has still found time to pen his Corner July Corner and the results of his look again into the club archives.… Read More

Chairman’s Corner June 2022

Carl’s Corner pays tribute to club members for leading a recent walking holiday and to the leaders of the regular rambles. Exciting news too as a result of Carl delving into the club archive.… Read More

Chairman’s Corner May 2022

In May’s Corner Carl examines how ERC initially used to record rambles and events for the club year and how we continue to inform and involve members in the 21st century.… Read More

Chairman’s Corner April 2022

Carl takes up the baton as our latest Club Chairman with his Corner. We wish him every success in a significant year for the club as we celebrate 75 years since our founding.… Read More

Chairman’s Corner March 2022

In her last Chairman’s Corner Pauline reflects on how fortunate we have been with our rambles programme this past year and rounds off her ‘Weather’ theme with the ever present issue of climate change.… Read More

Chairman’s Corner February 2022

Pauline features rain in her ‘Whatever the weather’ theme with throwback photographs of bedrenched members, and looks ahead to events in March which mark the end of the Club’s year.… Read More

Chairman’s Corner January 2022

We have yet to see any significant snowfalls this winter but in this month’s Corner Pauline features snowflakes and past harsh winters, along with nostalgic photographs of fun in the snow. … Read More

Chairman’s Corner December 2021

‘The Little Ice Age’ and ‘The Big Freeze’ feature in this month’s Chairman’s Corner, but Pauline extends the warmest of wishes to everyone for Christmas and the New Year.… Read More

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