“Fall Guys and Footpath Improvements”

Alan reports on the latest Footpath Working Party project 

Following on from their success at bridge building, the ERC footpath maintenance team (we must find a suitable acronym for this!) were in action again this week.

We discovered that the task of installing a new bridle gate at Underwood Farm, Hill & Moor, was more difficult than first envisaged when Geoff Thould walked through the old gate and promptly fell into the roadside ditch. Unfortunately, the camera wasn’t immediately to hand to record his downfall.

After a little head-scratching and discussion, it was agreed that, as well as replacing the old gate, a roadside post-and-rail fence was required, so Amanda headed off to the Countryside Service store for the necessary materials, whilst the ‘gang’ set to demolishing and digging .

Geoff, Pat and Mike Williams (a friend of Geoff’s) installed the gate, whilst Clive and I waymarked the route (Hill & Moor footpath 517) and installed two new waymark posts.

We all then assisted in the building of the new fence to complete a satisfactory day’s work. The landowner was mightily impressed and congratulated us on the new installation.

Alan Saunders