Working Party Report February 2023

‘And Finally’

There was no cutting of ribbon or glasses of champagne but members of Evesham Rambling Club Working Party quietly celebrated the completion of a project that has taken them over 13 months of hard work to complete, often in atrocious, muddy conditions.

The footpath on Clark’s Hill, which slopes up and away from the River Avon by Hampton Ferry, forms part of three waymarked routes; Shakespeare’s Avon Way and Evesham Vale Circular Walks 4 and 5. At the bottom of the bank the path had disappeared completely under brambles and shrubs and the top section was renowned for being very muddy and slippery for much of the year. The Working Party was tasked by Worcestershire County Council Public Rights of Way Team with installing a series of steps to improve the route.

The final task, carried out in glorious spring weather and with firm ground underfoot for the first time, was to complete the installation of revetments and to add a stone surface to each step. With the aid of several wheelbarrows almost a ton of stone was transported from School Lane to the site where it was bucketed down to the steps.

The end result is a series of twenty three steps that makes life much easier for walkers and in the process, allows them to enjoy the spectacular view towards the town.