Some Party!

Working Party 19 October 2017

The team: Clive Bostle, Graham Farrell, Glyn Hayter, Alan Saunders, Dennis Skelcher, Derek Williams, Paul Wood

On a miserably wet October day 7 hardy souls donned their waterproofs and headed off into the woods near Ab Lench to clear a long length of footpath. In pouring rain a number of way marker posts were put in and the undergrowth cut back. As we progressed along the path the conditions became increasingly overgrown to a point where it was impossible to make out the route of the footpath. Considering that this was supposed to be the Lenches Jubilee Way (from 2002) there wasn’t much to be jubilant about. The conditions underfoot were proving increasingly slippery with adverse camber, wet leaves, mud and slippery tree roots.

Despite all this the party remained in good humour enjoying a cup of tea and a biscuit although the hot drinks were soon quenched by the torrential rain. It wasn’t the best of baptisms for Graham on his first outing but he was promised improved conditions and perhaps a bridge to build or a gate to install next time.

Eventually the difficulty in finding the route, the weather and the slippery conditions convinced all that it was time to call it a day and return another time to complete the task. Last time the fruits of our labours were inspected by some young onlookers. This time only a lone deer showed any interest in our work. As we disrobed at the cars it became clear just how wet everyone was and it was a relief to climb into the dry and head home.

Glyn Hayter

The next date for the Working Party is Thursday 21 December. Let Alan know if you are available.

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