Ramble Reports October 2023

‘To there and back’

Carl & Diane’s Ramble Lite 7 October

This one didn’t turn out quite as planned. Firstly, for various reasons we delayed by a week, in part to avoid the additional traffic of the Evesham MOP and it was decided to change the starting point from Evesham to Elmley Castle. This gave the advantage of being able to call at the Queen Elizabeth for a drink at the end of the ramble. Well, the Ramble Lites are supposed to be simplified and more fluid than our normal rambles!!

The event also turned into a joint venture between ourselves and Sarah Street’s very active Facebook group. Many will know Sarah and her group, Streety’s Strolls, as a number are also ERC members and becoming regulars on the Sunday rambles.

A group of 12 ramblers set off from Main Street, Elmley Castle and headed down towards the remains of the ancient cross at the junction with Netherton Lane. Various field paths saw us arrive on the outskirts of Netherton before heading onto the Salt Way that used to run from Droitwich to the Fosse Way. We then passed the decoy airfield which was built to protect Pershore Airfield at Throckmorton during the Second World War (only partially successful). The route then took us through Smokey Farm which is run by Corran Support Ltd and caters for younger adults who have learning disabilities.

At the beginning of the walk, I had stated that the route was fairly flat so thought it only fair to point out the incline as we started to ascend Haslor Hill. It looked a lot steeper than it actually was. I had also stated how muddy it was likely to be in places after the rain we had had in the days leading up to the ramble. What I hadn’t expected though was the tree which blocked our way on the path behind the houses on Evendine Road, Hampton. With no way to bypass the tree we had scramble through/over the branches. This then led us to a part of the path which the residents of Evendine Road have turned into a garden and was a lovely spot to sit and have lunch.

Fully refreshed we then headed towards Red Lane and down Clarks Hill towards Hampton Ferry. This is where we encountered a second problem. The path along the river was a lot more overgrown than expected and a few yelps could be heard as some got stung by nettles. I was also accused of stirring up a wasps nest. A change of direction was called for before people threatened to throw me in the river, so we took the path towards the Old Vicarage and Pershore Road. The route then took us through Hampton, along Peewit Road (why is it called Peewit?), past Upper Haslor Farm back towards Netherton.

At Netherton we stopped to admire the 12th century chapel located in the garden of a private dwelling, which saved them building a folly. It was then a short walk back to Elmley Castle and a welcome drink at the excellent Queen Elizabeth pub.


am 5 miles 8 km pm 4.5 miles 7.2 km

Perseverance pays off

Michael and Lesley’s Midweek Ramble 11 October

Around breakfast time there was a sudden and heavy downpour which portended to it being a thoroughly miserable day. However, although the day remained overcast the rain only arrived at the end of the walk as we descended from Herefordshire Beacon.

The figure of eight walk followed paths through fields to the west of the hills (probably only used by local dog walkers) taking us to Upper Wyche and a pause, before traversing the ridge over Perseverance and Pinnacle Hills and the more enthusiastic also ascending Black Hill to complete the first loop.

Along the way an informative brief was given on the geological history of the hills and the difference in the topography between the Worcestershire and Herefordshire countryside.

Following a short break for refreshment we continued on the second loop of the figure of eight, making our way past the now redundant reservoir and across Shady Bank Common and Berrow Downs to Gullet Wood and then following the Three Choirs Way.

Along the way a couple of extra walkers, who being known to one of our group, walked with us as we were all heading in the same direction. Although there is a familiarity with the Malvern area, some of the paths walked were new to members and this added to the enjoyment of the walk. This is a walk worth revisiting.


am 5.5 miles. pm 4.5 miles

Another side of Sedgeberrow and Ashton

Clive and Kathryn’s Short Ramble – 18 October

We met at Bredon Hill Country Park just off the A46, which is a café and sells extremely expensive country wear. We set off just after 10 and after a cattle and yappy dog encounter at Longfurrow Farm, we set off along the road, that is the other side of Sedgeberrow, just a few houses and farms and a completely different vibe to the other side of the village across the A46.

Walking up through an old orchard and fields toward the Ashton Road, we navigated across a large field towards Ashton Woods and to enjoy the scenic views. We then moved on down to Ashton under Hill, and back down through the cricket club and along the disused railway track back to Bredon Hill Country for a well earned coffee and cake.


5 mIles

Bracing Bredon Hill

Clive’s Sunday Ramble – 22 October

We met at Overbury church at 10 am. Luckily there was no service so the parking was ok. Besides the club members, we also welcomed some members of Sarah Streets’ walking group. The weather gods were also very kind to us.

Setting off past the old church, we detoured off the main road through a field with friendly cows and on to Kemerton, to take the stony path up Bredon Hill. The emerging views were magnificent all round and it was fairly clear. Passing through a narrow path we walked up past Sundial farm, pausing there for a royal anecdote from Carl.

Soon we were at the fort and stopped for a few minutes for a brief refreshment break and to take in the view. Carrying on down the Wychavon Way, the wind was bracing, so we stopped for lunch in as sheltered spot further down.

Staying on the path we passed through St Barbara’s church, where there was a marathon bellringing session going on, and then on to the Star in Ashton-under-Hill for a drinks break.

After about half an hour, we started on the route back to Overbury via Grafton and back up the hill via a couple of tiresome slopes to start the descent down through Overbury and back to the church.

Everybody agreed that it was a fine walk and the company and the weather were very good.


am approx 7miles, pm approx 3 miles