Ramble Reports October 2017 public

“Scuffling feet in the autumn leaves”

Christine and Trevor's Midweek Ramble 11 October

Ramblers: Christine Adkins (Leader), Trevor Knowles (Guest Leader), Derek Ball, Glyn Hayter, Hazel Jennings, Paul Jennings, Charles Mentieth, Alan Saunders, Pauline Saunders, Mike Taylor, Margaret Townend, Pat Whitehurst. a.m. only: Marian Bearcroft, Lynn Merrick (Guest), Frank Round, Ann Shorthouse. (16)

The Ramble set off from the Lord Nelson Pub at Longley Green, near Suckley. A stile on the road took us into apple orchards, and soon there was a lot of scrumping going on! The apples were pronounced delicious, and on we walked catching wonderful views of the distant Malverns between the rows of fruit. We walked on past hopyards and farmyards, elegant horses and inquisitive cattle, eventually reaching the grand church at Suckley. In the churchyard the tombstones bore familiar names for those of the group who’d been born and raised in these parts. We climbed to a ridge and walked among tall trees, scuffling our feet in the autumn coloured leaves. Out into pasture again we had magnificent views over to the hills on the far side of Longley Green. Our descent bought us back to the road and a short walk to the pub for lunch. Four walkers bowed out of the afternoon ramble, two of whom decided to potter around Holloways and have a cup of tea. The remaining ramblers left their cars by Holloways and the church, and spent a delightful two hours walking over grassy fields and along tracks, admiring the views, houses, and cattle along the way. The forecast rain amounted to a few drops, and everyone felt very fortunate to have had such a dry and mud free ramble in mid October.

Christine Adkins

"Over the Gig Bridge to Playful Pigs"

Claire's Midweek Ramble - 18 October

Ramblers: Sheila Baskeyfield, Colin Daniel, Heather Greenhalgh, Roger Hallam, Glyn Hayter, Hazel and Paul Jennings, Charles Menteith, Kath and Ken Morris, Claire Oliver, Frank Round, Anne Shorthouse, Pat Whitehurst.(14)

We set out from Gig Bridge Lane on a grey day, so had to forego views of the Malvern Hills as we followed what had been, in old times the road to Worcester over the ancient Gig Bridge. An incline on the other side of the Bow Brook led us to some lovely black and saddleback pigs and piglets who were very much in the mood for entertaining.. We moved on to the outskirts of Drakes Broughton and Walcot Lane and its farms and then zigzagged back along the meadows beside the Bow Brook, round again past Pershore Hall and back to soup at Claire’s. During all this we saw many fine farm animals, but Frank told me that Anne’s Ernie would have loved those lovely pigs most of all. Special thanks to Heather and Kath for their soup contributions.


"Rescued sheep and young lambs"

Clive and Alan's Sunday Ramble - 29 October

Ramblers: All-dayChristine Adkins, Sheila Baskeyfield, Clive Bostle, Roger Hallam, Glyn Hayter, Alastair Lawson, Charles Menteith, Roy Pritchard, Frank Round, Alan & Pauline Saunders, Geoff & Rachel Thould plus p.m: Kath Morris, Heather Greenhalgh, Claire Oliver, Val Wood. (17)

Energised by an extra hour in bed at the change from BST to GMT we met at The Littletons Village Hall for a prompt 9am start on a very pleasant day. Soon passing the famous Tithe Barn we continued through Middle and North Littleton on mainly pasture field paths towards Ullington where a distressed, bramble-impaled sheep was rescued by 3 braves of our number (I only provided the secateurs). The next section taking us to the coffee break at Pebworth church was characterised by a rapid succession of stiles of varying quality but at least all freshly waymarked (thanks Alan!) and also by-passing a pen of new-born lambs (yes, wrong season – don’t write in) which brought out the oohs and aahs and the cameras.

From Pebworth easier and brisker walking via Broad Marston brought us to an excellent lunch at The Thatched Tavern, Honeybourne, after which the 4 Pershore ladies joined us. The afternoon walk took us on the first part of the Cotswold Line inter-station walk Honeybourne to Evesham, via Long Lartin to Middle Littleton where – close to the finish and guided by Alan – we took a little diversion through the most interesting animal rescue centre where we admired a number of rare breeds.

Many thanks to Alan for checking, improving and refining the route from the original draft and for help with waymarking, substantial vegetation clearance and stile repairs.

Clive Bostle