Just like the walk this page is still under development. You can read about background to the walk and what we have achieved so far.  As the project progresses we will update this page to reflect developments and changes both to the walk and the information available.

If you are interested in becoming involved with this project or walking with Evesham Rambling Club then you can initially get in touch by using our contact form.



Growing out of an aspiration voiced in the Evesham Town Plan, the Round Evesham Walk is a circular and very largely off-road walk planned to take in most of Evesham’s historic riverside and important heritage sites.

It is being developed by Evesham Rambling Club which gratefully acknowledges financial support from Wychavon District Council through the New Homes Bonus scheme. The enthusiastic co-operation of three local landowners in allowing permissive public access over their property is also acknowledged.

The core route is 5 miles but can easily be reduced by joining or leaving the walk at convenient access points. A number of link paths will also be indicated allowing walkers to seek out additional points of interest or explore the wider local countryside.

It is hoped to launch the Round Evesham Walk in the summer of 2018. Look out for announcements in the local press and social media.



Working Party

Evesham Rambling Club has a very active working party that goes out regularly to carry out improvements on the network of public rights of way that surround Evesham. The work ranges from clearing scrub and way-marking to building bridges and the installation of pedestrian gates.

In addition to this work, carried out with the support of Worcestershire County Council, the working party has been busy preparing the route of the Round Evesham Walk. This has sometimes involved creating a permissive path where none previously existed or clearing the route of existing rights of way.

In the weeks ahead, the Working Party will be out putting the final touches to the route, including waymarker posts and signage. Meanwhile, club members will be developing support material to aid visitors to the town who may wish to walk the path.



Apart from the day-to-day preparation of the route there is one section that needs a great deal of improvement to make it suitable as a featured walk. Along the river bank, north of the town of Evesham, the footpath goes through a boggy area. Evesham Rambling Club, with the aid of the funding from Wychavon District Council through the New Homes Bonus scheme, is busy improving this section. The first stage has recently been completed with the insertion of a low bridge over a wet area and ditch which was almost impassable, particularly during the winter. One particular difficulty was the recent floods that threatened to wash away the bridge. With a bit of ingenuity it has been anchored in place.


The future

It is hoped that the Round Evesham Walk will be completed in the summer of 2018 when a launch will coincide with the publication of guide pamphlets, a website page with up-to-date reports on conditions on the route and organised walks led by members of Evesham Rambling Club.

Long term, Evesham Rambling Club is looking to develop a series of additional link walks, taking in the local countryside, as part of a campaign to promote Evesham as a ‘Walkers are Welcome’ town.