Alan & Pauline

The Heart of England Forest bluebell event was sadly cancelled this year due to Covid-19 but the amazing bluebells are too good to miss, so here is a virtual walk through the wood. Whatever the weather, you can experience a … Read More

Peter Lee-Smith

How about this for a fun app to put on your phone? “Relive” tracks your walk, cycle or run by GPS. At key points on the way, you take photographs on your phone. At the end it gives you a … Read More

Pat & Geoff

THESE ARE ACTUAL COMPLAINTS RECEIVED BY “THOMAS COOK VACATIONS” FROM DISSATISFIED CUSTOMERS: “On my holiday to Goa in India, I was disgusted to find that almost every restaurant served curry. I don’t like spicy food.” “They should not allow topless … Read More

Pauline & Alan

In these surreal times of empty streets, closed shops, quiet school playgrounds, what a joy to be cycling along and glimpsing normal life over the hedgerows – farmers tilling, harrowing, planting. If only – – –

Pauline & Alan

We’ve been getting out for walks from our door and remarkably finding footpaths we haven’t discovered before. To explore further afield, we are enjoying regular cycling trips into the three counties accessible from home. Check out the Gotherington ‘resident’ we … Read More

A Thank You from Chris

Thank you to those members who kindly sponsored Jane’s half marathon, for St Richards Hospice Worcester. After a wobbly start (1 mile in fell over, blood everywhere) however, she completed the run successfully. To date Jane has raised just short … Read More

Rachel &Geoff

With the glorious weather,we have been enjoying trying out all the different footpaths from our door! Big thanks to ERC who have certainly made it easier with their signage and footpath maintenance. So far we haven’t repeated a walk. We … Read More

Another Riddle

3. The more you take, the more you leave behind. What am I? 4. What has a head, a tail, is brown, and has no legs?

Peter LS – sounds of tranquillity

If you are feeling confined to your home at the moment, have a look at the CPRE (Campaign for the Preservation of Rural England) website A listen to their sounds of tranquillity recorded in 2 English environments will relax … Read More

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