The Big Pathwatch

On Monday 13 July this year the Ramblers launched
The Big Pathwatch survey of all the public paths in England and Wales as shown on Ordnance Survey maps. The Ramblers will use the results to assess the state of the network and to come up with long-term solutions to ensure the path network is protected and maintained.

To take part you will need to register for one-kilometre squares (10 being the maximum at one time, although once you complete a square, you can adopt another) and walk all the paths shown on the OS map reporting what you find – both positive and negative. You can go on-line to register, pick your square(s) and print off the relevant maps. (If you are not a member of The Ramblers ignore the part where you are asked to enter your membership number.) If you prefer , the Ramblers provide a handy, free app for your phone or tablet so you can tell them what you find.

Evesham Rambling Club encourages everyone to participate in
The Big Pathwatch.

Register now

Tip – when you log in to The Big Pathwatch you will be able to see those squares already surveyed (in green). Only adopt squares when you are ready to survey them to avoid being “chased” by Nicky and the Big Pathwatch team from the Ramblers.

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