Going Round in Circles

“In a positive way!”

Details of the Working Party 27 April 2021

On a fairly cool morning our group of willing volunteers met by the station of The Vale of Evesham Light Railway, armed with spades, iron bars and other digging paraphernalia. Our goal was to install ten waymark posts in Evesham Country Park as part of the Circular Walk from Evesham to The Valley.

We were joined by Tom Hedges, Strategic Development Director from Eagle One Leisure Holdings Ltd, owners of The Valley. Tom is keen to make the Country Park a leisure destination as much as a retail destination and enhancing the walking experience is part of this plan. Evesham Rambling Club is working in partnership with The Valley to help them achieve this goal.

Tom provided an all-terrain vehicle to transport the equipment which was a big help as the post locations were stretched out over a mile or more of paths.

The volunteers were split into groups of two or three, each one being allocated two posts which were dropped off at the appropriate spot. Everything was going to plan until Phil and Maggie realised they were short of a post and ‘borrowed’ one from Geoff T and Dennis. Geoff then instigated a series of frantic phone calls, all routed through Pauline’s mobile in South Littleton, until the missing post was delivered by Tom. Meanwhile, Mike, Roy and Marg were struggling to dig their second hole, the ground proving to be extremely rocky, probably because it bordered the old railway line. After a lot of effort, they prevailed.

After a welcome coffee for everyone at the end of the waymarking task (thanks, Tom!), four of the group headed off to Oxstalls Farm to clear a long stretch of brambles.

This was a most successful morning’s work and the route of this Circular Walk is now complete.

Thanks to all the crew.