When you are out walking you will often come across grazing livestock.  It is always a delight to seem them but here are a few tips when you are walking near the animals.

  • When you go into a field check for livestock and observe how they react to you.
  • Do not startle the animals.  Let them know you are coming, perhaps by talking or whistling to them.
  • As you walk by the animals remain quiet as the animals are more likely to ignore you.
  • Livestock can become curious, excited or frightened when large groups pass through them so it is important for members of the group to remain calm and quiet.
  • Never let yourself be cornered by cattle.
  • Mothers are protective of their offspring – it is dangerous to move between them.
  • Livestock are not pets.  Do not offer them food as this will encourage them to approach other walkers.
  • Opening rucksacks in front of them (e.g. to take out a camera) may be misinterpreted by the animals who think you have food.
  • Clapping your hands can help move cattle if they are obstructing the way.  If they don’t move divert round them.
  • Cattle may see your dog as a threat and try and attack it.
  • Keep your dog on its lead but if the cattle approach release your dog and let it join you later.
  • The cattle will chase it and not you.
  • Do not try and pick your dog up.
  • Never allow your dog to chase the livestock.  It distresses the animals and can cause injury.  It may also be regarded as an offence in law.
  • Remember to close gates behind you when you go through a field containing animals.