Working Party Report April 2023

Child’s Play in Childswickham

Our latest Work Party took place in Childswickham on 17 April on the route of our latest Circular Walk – Wickhamford, Murcot, Childswickham.

Our tasks were to replace two wooden stiles with pedestrian gates and carry out repairs to a further pedestrian gate, the frame of which was badly bent.

Will from the County was his usual prompt self and he was able to move his van close to where we would be working. We split into three groups and within an hour, Geoff, Dennis and David had installed their gate, closely followed by the other team of John, Phil and Clive.

The bent pedestrian gate frame, however, was causing much more of a problem with Glyn and Alan having to excavate a large hole at the side of the gate where a rotten post was situated. However, after a short discussion by the group members, it was decided that the bent frame could be straightened by using the jack from the van and this proved to be the case. In no time at all, the gate was again fitting perfectly in the frame and we were able to depart for an early lunch.

Ed’s note – Having spent the best part of two hours digging the hole beside the gate it was rather depressing to watch said hole being filled in again in about 30 seconds.

Reward for our labours

On 26 April Phil, Geoff and Alan were again out working, this time replacing a broken wooden gate with a radar key kissing gate on the Evesham Battle Trail. This was at the request of the Simon de Montfort Society, with the County Council kindly supplying the gate for the permissive path. Will was again on time and we carried the gate a short distance from the van to where the broken gate was situated.

Although there was a considerable amount of concrete surrounding the original gatepost we were able to work round it and the new gate was soon in place.

It was pleasing to see so many people walking the route, which is part of the Round Evesham Walk, and we were able to collect several signatures of support towards our Walkers are Welcome campaign. Two of the walkers, who were visiting the area from Newcastle, had the REW leaflet and remarked how instructive it was. They were closely followed by a large group of ramblers from Somerset, and to my surprise recognised their leaders – Bob and Liv, ERC members!

The next Working Party is scheduled for Tuesday 9 August.