Two ditch crossings – “Simples!”

Details of the Working Party 23 September 2021

The Crew load testing the ditch crossing

We were again concentrating our efforts on Circular Walk 3 and the job was made easier by having the materials delivered to the site beforehand, plus the work to be undertaken was very close to the lane, so not a lot of heavy lifting was required.

Our task this month was to replace the last two ditch crossings off Hoden Lane, Cleeve Prior, and to re-install a roadside sign which had fallen into a hedge. Having welcomed David, a new ‘recruit’ for the Working Party, we split into two groups with Glyn, Dennis, Phil and David working on the ditch crossing furthest from the road, and the second group of Alastair, Roy, Clive and Mike tackling the other (with Alan flitting between the two groups).

As we were now ‘old hands’ at this type of task, we made speedy progress, only stopping when two ramblers passing by tested out the new crossings and complimented us on our efforts. Our next break was to eat doughnuts supplied by Glyn to celebrate his upcoming birthday.

When Dennis & Co had finished their task, they set about extricating the footpath sign from the hedge and re-instating it in its correct position. All jobs satisfactorily completed, we headed home in time for lunch (rather than afternoon tea!).

Thanks again to all who came along; your participation is much appreciated.

The next Working Party is scheduled for Thursday 21 October when we’ll be working in Cleeve Prior, removing a broken stile and installing a kissing gate in a separate location. To achieve this, we’ll need to remove a section of mature hedge, so all volunteers most welcome.

Alan Saunders