Each month we ask the leaders to write brief reports on their rambles.  In addition, when the club travels further afield, it is customary for one of the party to record the events, along with a few images.  We hope you find these "Away Days" reports interest.  Further photographs taken by members can be found on our Gallery page.

This page contains summaries of the six latest reports but you can view summaries of older reports by following the link at the bottom of this page or searching for a particular date or location, e.g. June Ramble.

Ramble Reports February 2018

Read about three enjoyable rambles in February with at least two having excellent weather but all blessed with good company and pub food to match.… Read More

Ramble Reports January 2018

Paul and Hazel feature heavily in the January reporting having organised not only the Sunday Ramble but also the Midweek Ramble and Annual Lunch. Pat and Geoff are not forgotten with their enjoyable Short Ramble from Gretton.… Read More

Ramble Reports December 2017

Reports on the three excellent December Rambles, led by Geoff & Rachel and Alan & Pauline and reflecting a variety of landscapes and a mixture of weather and conditions underfoot. … Read More

Ramble Reports November 2017

Warwickshire was the flavour of the month for the three rambles in November. The leaders took us out and about in countryside that seemed at times to be enjoying playing with the paint pallet.… Read More

Ramble Reports October 2017

This month Evesham Rambling Club walked in the autumnal countryside of Worcestershire. With Rambles in the west. east and centre of the county this was a definitely a golden month.… Read More

Ramble Reports September 2017

Weather conditions remained favourable in September for the three well attended rambles in Warwickshire, Herefordshire and Worcestershire.… Read More

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