WERC in progress! (update)

How’s that for IMPRESSIVE…..

A large truck arrives in a quiet corner of Besford village loaded with huge sections of timber. The county’s contractors have arrived with all the components of a lengthy footbridge to replace one which previously looked like this :

old bridge before

Our stalwart footpath maintenance team led by Alan is ready to go – with Geoff Smith, Geoff Thould, Roy Pritchard, Pat Morcombe, and a sturdy collection of tools for a job which entails clearing the usual brambles (and more), installing a hefty footbridge about 10 feet long over a deep water-filled ditch, putting in a metal gate to replace a very chewed wooden one and making the whole thing safe.

Heather and I were just onlookers, there to represent the local community, express our thanks and take a few photos. But we felt very, very proud of our fellow ERC members who were prepared to do this special voluntary work to keep our precious ROWs open for walkers to enjoy. Alan and his squad are being called on by the Countryside Service to undertake work in different parts of S. Worcestershire and plan to take on 6 jobs a year. They’d be glad of some extra person power, so do contact Alan if you might be able to help with these very worthwhile projects.
Here’s what the finished bridge looked like …

bridge 6b


Kath Morris


P.S.  We made it into the local paper.

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